About Shmeppy

Shmeppy is a tool to help you play tabletop RPGs online. Games like Dungeons and Dragons or Dungeon World.

Shmeppy works hard to stay simple and it pushes you to do the same.

About The Team

Shmeppy is a one-person company owned and operated by me: John Sullivan. Hello 👋.

Shmeppy is my entire life right now. Designing, writing, coding, supporting, marketing, and any other Shmepping required is done by me.


Please read Shmeppy's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. If you have questions or concerns please email support@shmeppy.com or write to PO Box 66832, Portland, Oregon 97290.


The background image that is partially visible in the video on Shmeppy's homepage is from freefantasymaps.org.