Your wet erase mat.
$4.99/month for GMs. Free for players.
Your wet erase mat.
Any Device. Anywhere.
Give your players a URL and they can join you instantly.
Roll Dice
Share dice rolls with a fast and simple interface.
Quickly Extend Images
Upload background images and extend them as needed with Shmeppy's drawing tools.
Keep Your Secrets
An easy Fog of War tool and a "View as Player" button let you hide areas from your players with confidence.
The Three Traits of Shmeppy's Design
  1. You can prepare a map in moments.
  2. You don't have to spend time learning to use it.
  3. You're pushed to make quick sketches instead of time-consuming art pieces.

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Over Sixty-Thousand Maps Created
Each one a hastily-made masterpiece.